The Burn​-​EP

by Jesse Pino

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released January 5, 2012

All songs written by: Jesse Pino

Produced by: Jesse Pino/Aaron Harmon

Engineered by: Aaron Harmon

Mixed and Mastered by: Aaron Harmon

Jesse Pino © 2016



all rights reserved


Jesse Pino Las Vegas, Nevada

Jesse Pino is musician/singer-songwriter from Las Vegas, NV who started making music & playing in bands in 1998. In 2010, Jesse decided to step out on his own and pursue his own creativity. Comfortable with a full band, or just an acoustic guitar in hand, he continues to craft his own signature blend.
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Track Name: The Burn
LYRICS:Here's the wake up call/falling like a canon ball/crashing my heart/I tried to open your door/but my key don't fit no more, and now I sit by the wayside.
You already got me tucked away/there's nothing more to say, cuz I'm all gone/ Please believe when I say/I have rest my case/remember when it hurts/that's me heating the burn.
After All I've done/I am still not the one/ Please clarify/ Cuz it was me who taught you life/how to be strong, and how to fly/ and it was you, who shanked this love and made it die.
You already got me tucked away/there's nothing more to say/ I'm all gone/ Please believe me when I say/ i have rest my case/remember when it hurts/ That's me heating the burn.
let it burn...I hope you fucking burn...
I already got you tucked away/ there's nothing you can say/ I'm all gone/ Please believe me when I say/ I have rest my case/ remember when it hurts/ that's me heating the burn.
Track Name: Have Another
LYRICS:Have another drink on me my dear friend/let me light you up another Marlboro red/everything you want it's all right here friend/so take a seat cuz I've got some some stories to tell.
It's the end of the world so you might as well go/the end of the world so you might as well/it's the end of the world so just go on out with a bang.
reminisce about the good and bad times/and all those broken ships that past you by/take your love and drive into the sunset/with the top down you surrender your hands to the sky/
tick tock times up now we drop/the lessons that we learned are too late to show her/it's tough love with a hug and a smile.
Track Name: Dear Niece
LYRICS:Some people change, and some stay the same/ I know you wish she'd come around/ No it's not fair, but she doesn'e care/ I know that pain's hard to bare/cry no more tears/wipe them away/ show me your smiling face.
Sometimes the light doesn't shine so bright/ and the clouds cast a shadow darker than night/ but soon they will part and the rays from the sun, will shine down on you.
You feel no good/ You think you've done all you could/You blame everyone but yourself/ But you just don't know how far you can go/ All that it takes is belief in you.
So much has changed/ when you look at the way, life use to be for you then/ You're growing up? and the world's getting tough/ But trust me, this storm will pass.
Track Name: Lady In Black
LYRICS:Well the smell's in the air/It's the scent of despair/ Yup boy she's come to town/ She's got those red juicy lips and those hour glass hips, that will sure make you hit the ground/it's like a death choke of pleasure you can't escape, but damn don't you want some more/ With one look from those eyes you will meet your demise, you couldn't look away if you tried.
There is only one way out alive/ You've got to gamble for your life/ She plays a mean and crooked game, so don't be a fool/ If you lose you'll become cold/ and she will terrorize your soul/ She's the lady in black.
Track Name: Idiot
LYRICS:You say you love me, but I don’t know why/ I’m such an idiot more than half of the time/I’ve never met a girl like you before/ You’re never too near, and you’re never too far/ When I lose my way, I just look u and there you are/ I’ve never met a girl like you before/Babe I know we’ve had times when we were out of line/We were holding on tight for the love that almost died/but we gave it a chance, we made that romance.
Baby you are all that I need/you are all that I see in my life/ baby, nothing more can explain how I feel the way I do inside…only you.
It’s unbelievable to be by your side/I never knew that life, could be this divine/I’ve never met a girl like you before/When I wake up, and I turn to my side/ I just lose myself, when I look into those eyes? I’ve never met a girl like you before.
Well no matter how far you may fall I will catch you/ When your feet are worn down, can’t go on, I will carry you/ Cuz I promise this time I’m not changing my mind
When there’s someone you love, someone you’re thinking of, so much it drives you crazy, you know it has to be, it has got to be...only you.
Track Name: Father Come Home
LYRICS:I always wonder where you go/Where you’d rather be/It’s 3am and you’re not home/is that the man you want to be/I can see it in her eyes/A heart that big cannot lie, she misses you.
She misses your love, your smile, your light/you are missing the few things in life, that money can’t buy/Father come home, tonight.
4am and not a sound/Not even a word/You stumble as you hit the couch/Your final resting place/But how many drunken nights will it take, until you finally see/I can see it in your eyes/A heart that big cannot lie/You’re missing her.
Though I envy your life cuz you know wrong from right/You still choose to bury your soul/ I know someday in time this will all be alright, but for now, we’ll just have to compromise.